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Flash Fiction is the name given to a new form of writing.  As you might guess, the main criteria which differentiates this form of fiction from others is the length of the finished story.  Some Flash Fiction stories are only 55 words long, but most are characterized by being under 1,000 words in length.  To me, the main thing that distinguishes Flash Fiction is its similarity to poetry; every single word must be the exact right one!  It is important that the Flash Fiction story include all of the "classic" short-story elements, but the trick is fitting them into such a compact package!  
These are only a few of my many stories.  Click, read, and enjoy!

A Fitting End

Childhood Games

Feline Alopecia and Other Psychological Tremors

"So, are fairies allowed to do that?"

The Offering


Westering Toward my Sixteenth Year

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